Overland from Munich 2 Munich

Travelling the world has been a dream for a while already, now it is time to make it happen. Read more on our plans travelling around the globe in the coming years.

Overland from Munich 2 Munich

…or, a vision meets reality…

How to plan an overland trip from Munich 2 Munich and what is driving us in doing it? Well the second part is easier answered, it is the passion for traveling, a serious overloading virus infection and the chance of living a dream. More on that, you can also find from the “About us” section.

But how about the first part, how to plan it? There it gets a bit more complicated, in general our aim has been to leave home by car and as we do have a Toyota HZJ78 (you can find more information from the “Our HZJ78” section) it was an easy decision to go by car. For the first part of the journey we had a clear picture rather quickly. With the Pamir Highway on top of the bucket list, enhanced with Mongolia plus the Altai region and Siberia in Russia this has been defined rather quickly. While planning first to leave in direction of Poland and the Baltics, suddenly Iran came into the game and changed the plan again. So assuming we get all the visas sorted, we will leave towards Iran in March 2019, aiming to arrive in Vladivostok around mid October, latest end of October 2019.

The map below should give you an indication, clearly not a 100% track we will follow, but a rough plan. Unfortunately the limited times given by the required visas in some countries, but also the changing weather with incoming winter will drive the available time on the first part of the journey.

How it works in reality? Here you go, this has been our route so far. About 37.000 kilometers on our way to Vladivostok. So as you maybe have noticed we have a bit of backlog, getting not further updating country pages while traveling plus our blog. However work in progress, promised!

Currently we are in Las Vegas, doing bit of car maintenance prior heading towards Utah. In total we are now one year on the road and were driving about 54.000 kilometers since we left Munich.

How we continue from here? Hm, it is all about “Munich 2 Munich”, so how to get back to Munich? There the plan is still very rough. At this stage we are planning to head slowly North again, many focusing on Utah in the next couple of weeks and then slowly towards Yellowstone and Grand Teton, prior heading back to Canada end of May. Bit less than one more year so to say on our way till we have to be in Halifax.

Who knows in detail what will be in a year from now and clearly too much will happen on the way there, so we will go with the flow. But one thing is for sure, you can either follow our blog or follow us on Instagram and you will figure it out what is finally going to happen. 🙂

So how did it work out in reality?

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