Triglav Nationalpark, Slovenia

We just managed to finish the initial conversion of our Land Cruiser in time for the first trip, basically in the last minute, but here are we now, Triglav Nationalpark in Slovenia. Camping at a nice spot by the lake, together with Tanja & Lemmi and their dog, Leo.


All would have been fantastic, but the second day was really a day to come down, relax and forget about work, as it was raining cats and dogs from the early morning till the late afternoon. So exciting getting out of the tent and cars again in the afternoon and getting at least some useable shoots of the area around aus.

Blog-1-Triglav-2 Blog-1-Triglav-5

Well, some guys seems to enjoy it when it’s wet outside, happy one …


And others imply do not care, as long as there is something to catch, like a tree branch. 🙂


But at least the next morning brought us some sun shine and nice views, but already then the weather forecast was predicting snow for the afternoon and the next day, so time for us to head off and get a bit further to the South, hopefully with some more sun and warmer temperatures.

Blog-1-Triglav-6 Blog-1-Triglav-7

In that sense, to be continued.