New Zealand – White Island

White Island; do you also have pictures in mind of beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees and coconut drinks? Well, that is not exactly what it is all about. Okay a bit of luxury is involved, if you chose the helicopter as type of transportation…

By the way, highly advisable due to the amazing aerial view when arriving on the island. But coming back to the indicated picture in the beginning; all not true! White Island is a volcanic island, right in front of New Zealand’s coast, just about 40 miles away. And it is highly active.

So you get a warm welcome so to say, lots of steam and hot air directly after landing, which was in our case a slightly bumpy one because of the strong winds on that day. Fantastic scenery and very interesting to explore the island, so hope you get at least a glimpse of it.

Impressive to see the remaining’s of the old sulphur factory on the island, seem like salt water and volcanic gases are not a good combination. 🙂 Hard to imagine that people lived and worked out here.

But even more impressive is the volcano as such. Amazing colors, especially the sulphur in combination with the blue sky.

And with a mask you can even avoid the acids in the air, making life much easier for us (and looks very serious on a photo). 😉

Still a fantastic experience being here and the helicopter flight really uplift’s the experience. Volcano’s are so amazing and if there is a next chance to see an active one, we would surely take that chance.