Spring is coming, finally… Girraween NP

Slowly spring is coming now also to Australia. A ranger told us that they had nearly 30 centimetres of snow some days ago, but now spring has arrived to Girraween national park. Absolutely beautiful, to see the granite formations the park is famous for and the first spring flowers. Even during the day it is now getting warmer again, however the nights are still freezing cold out there, even with some ice on our stuff.

So different than the other regions we visited during the past weeks and months. Nice place… 🙂

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Beautiful weather and nice spring days, what can be better after some cold and rainy days?!

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Also the wildlife is getting more active now and due to the fact that the forest here is not so dense than in other areas, it is easier to spot them. So we had some luck once again.

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Ok, for the Possum not so much of luck was needed, this one was just interested if we dropped some food on our campsite, so it came to visit us every evening as soon as it got dark. 🙂


Unfortunately, for the Possum, there was nothing to find on our campsite, so it was sitting in the tree and complaining, at least you could get the impression that it did so. 🙂 Guess it was unhappy with another Possum close by, but as said, you could get the impression… 😉