The land before time – Border Ranges NP

Nice start in New South Wales after more than two months in Queensland. Somehow it is easy to belief that you saw everything and it will be just another rainforest, but coming to the Border Ranges NP we were really surprised. In parts of the national park you have the feeling that in the next moment a dinosaur will cross your way and it looks like millions of years ago. “The land before time” came to my mind, walking through this forest, somehow it fits very well…

“The Great Valley was all they’d dreamed it would be: a land of green, and leaves, and life.” (from “The land before time”)





Like in a book about a different time in our earth’s history. The whole atmosphere was very special, really impressive but difficult to ban on a photo.



Lookouts are always a tricky thing in my opinion. Usually they build them at places were it is easiest to park a car, but every now and then, it is worth to visit them, like this one.


We have not seen so much wildlife here, but the Goanna made us happy. Finally we found one that was not immediately running away when we came with the camera. 🙂


On our way to Byron Bay, we had one last stop, one last time in Queensland, in the Springbrook NP, just to have a look at the “Natural Bridge”. Not too bad at all, but you need to ignore all the tourists, running around here on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 😉