Main Range NP

Once again, back into the rain forest, escaping the crowds on the coast. Somehow hard to understand for us why most of the tourists stay always on the coast in Queensland. At the end a beach is a beach, sometimes nicer, sometimes not, but still a beach. Well, on the other hand great for us, as we were once again nearly alone in the rainforest.

Ok, to be fair, it is not so different than other rain forest areas in Queensland, but having a closer look it is different enough and it offers plenty of nice hiking opportunities through the rainforest, which is by the way part of the Gondwana Rainforest World Heritage Area. And sometimes it really looks like we can imagine a forest at the earlier times, before humans showed up.




From the cliff edges you have a beautiful view on the mountains and all the trees around you.


Lot of hiking trails in the Main Range NP lead to nice waterfalls, sometimes smaller ones, sometimes bigger ones, but overall it looks like that they have plenty of rain in this region, at least during this time of the year. Compared to other waterfalls on our trip, those have still lot of water.

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On the wildlife side we were surprised about the birds in this national park. Nights are freezing cold, we even had once again ice on the car, but the parrots are flying around and many other birds use the warm morning sun to warm up again and get ready for the day. Very nice opportunity to get good photos…






Absolutely worth to visit this national park. Looking forward now for the next part of our trip, getting closer and closer now to New South Wales.