Cape York peninsula – Lakefield NP

What a nice start for our Cape York trip. To be honest, we had no idea what to expect from that part of Australia, and there are still a lot of question marks, especially when it comes to the upper North part, but Lakefield National Park was a fantastic start. Having a campsite like the one on the Horseshoe, being completely alone, what can be a better place?


During the morning and the evening, you can just sit and watch the lagoon, seeing all the birds flying around.



The Forest Kingfisher is an absolutely beautiful bird in my opinion. We saw him already a few times, but we never had a chance to get so close like this time.


This morning we even had a guest in our car, no idea for how long already, so let’s hope he was not too far away from home when we found him in our camper.


But also the landscape here is great and the first time since one week we have no rain, what makes it even better. 🙂



Every now and then, some birds, like the Black Cockatoos, drive you just crazy as a photographer. They always find the “right” place so that the sun comes from the wrong direction, or if they fly off, they usually chose the wrong direction, but only when they are flying, they show their beautiful colors.



Really looking forward now what else the Cape York peninsula has to offer, beside serious 4WD driving, but that part will come later on. Maybe… 🙂