Cape York peninsula – Iron Range NP

Leaving Lakefield NP towards Iron Range NP was not too easy; we still had a lot of bird life in the morning, so the time passed by.



On top of that, every now and then it happens that you miss 100km on a map and by doing so, you don’t reach the camp you have planed for that day. Luckily we found a beautiful spot, high up on a riverbank, overlooking the forest in the river bed. Excellent alternative if time is not the issue like in our case.

Iron Range NP is once again totally different than other parks in the area, but again a really nice place, rainforest until you reach the beach. And no other tourists, just some Aussies hanging around here, what is also a good sign.



Just a good place to have some fun… 🙂


Unfortunately we were not successful with the wildlife this time, but we were lucky enough, to “hunt” our first coconut in its natural environment. 🙂


I can tell you, the best coconut I ever had, but I believe with all the work opening it, it has negative calories. 🙂


Also easy to transport, so we added some to our stock in the car. Let’s see for how long they last, means when will I lose my interest in investing all the work opening them. But for the moment, it feels great! 🙂

And now heading further North…