USA/Arizona – Coyote Buttes South

You can guess it maybe already when reading Coyote Buttes South, we did not manage to get a permit for “The Wave”. So maybe a couple of words on that, prior jumping into the “South”. 

About the lottery…

We joined in for the lottery in Kanab on four days, trying to get a permit. They allow in total 20 people per day to enter Coyote Buttes North (and by the way the same applies for South). Ten people will get their permit via the online lottery, with partly over 4.000 applications and ten people will win their permit onsite in Kanab. In our case we had around 70 applications per day, so chances seem to be much better. 

However it did not work out for us, but we were lucky getting a permit for Coyote Buttes South, so we were two out of 20 persons in the South region on that day. 🙂

So if you do not win a permit for “The Wave” and you have a 4×4 car, try to get a permit for South. At least based on our experience, much less people are interested in that, so your chances are better, but you have to drive soft and deep sand, at least partly. 

That seems to be the main reason, beside the fact that it is lacking the famous wave, why people are not so interested. Otherwise, it is just an amazing place. When getting there, do not expect hiking trails or things like that. So we would advice carrying a GPS and track you way so that you can find back easily. Otherwise it might be tricky.

So if you have the chance, get out there and explore, there is so much to see and the place is amazing…

…and finally at wonderful Coyote Buttes South!

… and the great thing, they have a wave as well in Coyote Buttes South, called the 3rd wave. 🙂

So a highly recommend spot if you have the car to get there.  For us it is now time to move on, time to explore the Grand Canyon South rim. So stay with us, more to come soon again.