Russia – Where the endless forest meets the Pacific Ocean

Primorye, so far a fantastic detour on our way to Vladivostok and an absolute highlight for us in Russia!  Travelling through endless forests… 

… heading towards the sea and then suddenly the moment is there; we are at the Pacific Ocean. So far from home this is a very special feeling and in the first second, the ocean only shows up as a piece of blue between the trees.

But this changes quickly and even better, we found a great spot, directly at the beach. Sun is shining and it is with about 20 degrees Celsius rather warm, so can this get any better?

Yes it can! Next morning was simply breath-taking and I’m sure you’ll agree. Don’t you?

Even though we had some first autumn days in Siberia already, here at the Pacific coast it rather looks and feels like spring. 

Even better, we were lucky again on the wildlife side, as you can see. And yes, camouflage seems to work pretty well, as you can see on the first one.

As it is time for us now to head to Vladivostok and prepare the car for the adventures to come, we took some extra effort stepping out of the warm bed in the evening ones more. Well, again the right decision. One of the best night skies we ever saw, so without further words – Enjoy! 😉