Finland – Camping in May, really a great idea?

Considering a camping trip to Finland in early May and you are wondering if this is a good idea? Go for it, you will be at least richer of some unique experiences, hard to find in crowed Central Europe and honestly it will be also difficult to reach similar level of experience even in Finland during the busy summer month.

Surely you might face some wet and cold weather, maybe even some remaining snow the more North and East you get in the country, but it will pay back for all the hassle with some fantastic experiences, like amazing sunset sceneries which last for hours the more to the North you get…

…remote and lonely camp spots in the middle of the endless forest. Campsites are still closed as it is off-season, so be prepared for wild camping, which is anyhow the recommended style in our opinion for a region like this.

And what fits better to this environment than a fresh prepared dinner on the campfire. If you get used to this, you do not want to miss it anymore.

Okay, hiking can be sometimes fun, even an easy 300 metres walk might turn into a challenge, but all part of the fun being out there.

And in the end, you can refresh yourself with a short swim in one of the thousands refreshing lakes. Not busy at all during this time of the year, so you can enjoy for yourself.

Well, there might sometimes be a downside, roads can be tricky, still frozen, covered by snow, or just so wet that they simply disappear under the weight of the car. So when travelling of the main roads, take some guys with a 4×4 with you.

And just for completeness, Tanja was not driving the bus. 🙂 Lemmi, clearly does not look good for you, but to be fair, impossible to see in advance.

So hope you like it, follow-us through Finland in the next blog again.