Finland – A wildlife photographers dream; or about Bears & a “ghost”

Close to the Russia border, you can find a wildlife photographers’ paradise, the Wild Brown Bear lodge. You prefer spending nights out in the forest, sitting in a hide in the freezing cold? Sounds tempting to you? Well, peeing into a bucket is also not too much of an issue while spending a long 15 hours night out, go for it and get first hands experience.

You might wonder why you do this while keeping yourself warm and your eyes open, latest during the second night, but always keep in mind you do this because it is your free will and you even pay them money for it.

But honestly, it is worth it. For us it has been already the third time and surely we would do it again. However, pictures tell more than words, so just enjoy the results of two nights out in the forest.

And finally, after trying for couple of times already before, we managed to see a “ghost” and got it even on a photo – a Wolverine! Population of estimated 165 individuals makes them really rare in Finland, basically only living in the Karelia region and the North of the country. Surely not the best results from a photography perspective, but taking the darkness into account, still happy with the results we got and absolutely amazed that we finally managed to see one in the nature.

Well, in the end it means we need to come back and give it another try getting great pictures during the earlier evening times, might mean to spend weeks in a hide, but we will see. 😉

From here continuing the journey towards Oulu, getting back to a normal sleeping rhythm again.