Hoanib and Hoarusib

What a great start of a day, looking forward driving around in two dry rivers during the next days, in the Hoanib and later on in the Hoarusib, searching for desert elephants.


Fantastic landscape and deep sand driving, promises a lot of fun. Now only the elephants are missing.

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In the Hoanib we were not able to find some elephants, however still some wildlife around, but rather shy, so maybe not the perfect pictures.

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On the way to the Hoarisub we found a great campsite, just for us alone…


…and the African night sky is just amazing.


The desert is a tough environment…


…but still some plants are able to survive in this region.


And when we reached the Hoarusib, it feels like reaching an oasis. To our surprise the river is not dry, water is flowing but somehow not many animals are around. Just some birds, but they were really shy.

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Further North the river is dry again. Not everybody seems to like us here…


…but a good place to relax for the rest of the day.