Millstream Chichester NP

On the coast it looked like it will fill up for the Easter days, but here in Millstream Chichester NP it was still not really busy. So exactly the right place for us to spent the Easter days.

But before leaving the coast, we had a nice evening, with a picnic on the beach and a surprising blood moon. Don’t remember if and when I saw it the last time so clear.


The beauty of the Millstream Chichester NP is shown in the combination of try land and beautiful gorges and rivers with a lot of green.



And even some wildlife, like this Olive Python, hiding close to the water line. Beautiful animal and very patient one, allowing us to take those pictures…



It is amazing to see those places with lot of water…



…and just a few meters further its already try again like there was no rain for the past year.


What a great place for a camp in the bush on Easter.


From here we head now towards Tom Price, getting some more Diesel for our car and then to the Karijini NP with its famous gorges and landscapes.