Still in the Outback…

…of Queensland and it is still absolutely amazing out here. Not so many other people and no tourists from overseas at all (beside the two of us).

The days in Diamantina NP were really nice and the sunset on the last evening made it not too easy for us to leave on the next day, but we still wanted to visit some more national parks in the region before heading back to the coast.


So we had a stop at the Welford NP for one night, not a big park, but nice area. Unfortunately for us, they had some rain a couple of days ago, so some of the roads were still closed. However we were able to see also here some red dunes, the last ones from the Lake Eyr basin. And in the warm morning light they are just amazing.


Beside the beautiful landscape, we had also some wildlife in this region, especially lots of kangaroos.


But also some cockatoos, feeding on some fruits…


Heading further towards the coast, our next stop was at the Idalia NP for a couple of days. On one hand it looks by far not as dry as in the other parks, at least in some regions, but they had no substantial rain for the last three years. A farmer in this region had to invest more than 1 million AUD into a new fence to keep the kangaroos out, as they are feeding at the same grass than his cattle. Hard to imagine how tough it is out here running a farm when you are from Europe.


Because it is so dry out here, also not all the wild animals made it in the past months.


Still, the landscape is beautiful and the national park is definitely worth a visit.



Unfortunately we made a mistake on that day and talked about the fact that our car is doing really well since 25.000 kilometres and not having any issues. What to say? Back at the campsite we had the pleasure of changing our fist tyre on this trip. To be honest something I’m a bit proud about, the first one at all, since we started travelling (at least at our car). 🙂

But somehow fun and also part of the game…

Blog-40-10 Blog-40-11

And on the next morning the world anyhow looks different again, bit foggy, but with the first sun also that problem got solved. 🙂


Well, couple of hundred kilometres further and with a maintenance stop in Blackall, our car is now ready to go again, new oil, new filters and a set of new 4WD tyres, as ours were really down now. 🙂