Kangaroo Island – A paradise for wildlife

We were a bit wondering what to do with our remaining two weeks after selling our car so fast. So we decided to take a flight from Sydney to Adelaide and the ferry to Kangaroo Island. We were here already two years ago, but we had a lot of rain, so we thought that it might be worth to give it another try. Ok, and we wanted to buy a bottle or two of the excellent Kangaroo Island Spirits Gin. Amazing stuff, so worth to take a flight from Sydney. 🙂

But hey, it is really nice here when the sun is shining and already on our first afternoon we saw more kangaroos then during our whole last stay.

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In the morning they were even fighting directly in front of our cottage, nice breakfast entertainment. 🙂


And finally, after six months on the road, we were able to find some Koalas. You tend to believe they are everywhere, but unfortunately not. 🙁

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This again is something I had in my mind and it even worked out. Watching seals is always nice, but getting one surfing a wave was not too easy. However, we got a few on a picture. 🙂

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Of these guys we can’t get enough. Echidna’s are so nice, but often hard to watch as they are shy, but this guy was very cooperative.


A good signal that spring is coming are the reptiles. This Black Tiger Snake was taking a nap on the road, enjoying the spring sun. Fortunately we saw her early enough so that we could a) take a picture and b) stop another car before hitting her.


It really seem to be a paradise for wildlife. But the landscape is also beautiful, at least when the weather is good.

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Beautiful end of a beautiful day, unfortunately rain took over during the night. 🙁