Seychelles – La Digue

Second station on our Seychelles trip, La Digue. When leaving Praslin, we were told that it gets now a bit more touristy and it was correct, it is now more touristy and more people around us. Something we had to get used to again after the first quiet days on Praslin and the first day was somehow bit of a shock, so we decided to spent some time going snorkeling and booked a full day tour for us on the other day.

The reefs are more or less unfortunately completely destroyed as a result of the “El Niño” phenomenon, but life is trying to find a way. So we had some good encounters on this trip as you can see from the following underwater photos.

Blog-2-LaDigue-3 Blog-2-LaDigue-2 Blog-2-LaDigue-6

And what a great island for snorkeling…


Making me really happy was spotting something I have never seen outside the documentaries on TV. They were giving me a hard time getting a shot, as they where so shy and always trying to get away fast, but finally I managed to get a couple of usable ones.

Blog-2-LaDigue-4 Blog-2-LaDigue-5

Beside all the nice things, we were a bit surprised that the sea turtles were so shy here, as they are protected also on the Seychelles, but when seeing on our neighbor boat, that the skipper was fetching one out of the water to show it to his guests, it became clear, why it is like this. Hard to find words on this, somehow it is as usual, of course he caught her out of the water, but in the end all the guests on his boat where obviously happy about it, so it would be rather them to be blamed.

Well, we prefer our turtle pictures like this and not on a boat (and it also works if you are lucky and patient enough).


Okay and in the end you might look like you did some work beside “just” having a fun trip on a boat. 🙂


La Digue underwater has been nice, but on the surface it is also a beautiful island, with nice beaches, as expected with a lot of rocks, which are so typical for the Seychelles. No wonder why some well knows marketing campaigns, were produced here.

Just getting to those places is sometimes bit tough due to the high temperature and especially humidity. Cars are not allowed on La Digue, so you typically do it as a combination of biking and hiking. 🙂

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Okay, a little bit of culture can be also found on La Digue, like this nice old graveyard.

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Next stop, Mahe – More to come soon…