After the rain comes sun… Hopefully…

Sometimes you just can sit and wait that the rain passes by and the sun comes back. Today is for sure one of these days, hanging around at our camp and waiting that the rain stops. Still it is really a beautiful place here, in the middle of the forest, no other people and close to the river.

Lemmi, die Planen gibt es auch hier zu kaufen… 🙂 


Well, at least a good opportunity to have a coffee or two. 🙂


Yesterday we had still some hours with nice weather here around the Dinden NP and the Atherton Tablelands. The Cathedral Fig Tree is so amazing, hard to imagine the dimensions and even more difficult to catch them in a photo.


Sometimes it only helps to compare it to a human being, in this case to me, to get a feeling for the size, and even than it is difficult as it is just a tiny little part of the roots covered in this picture.


Strange how some plants are growing, but I guess there is a good reason, even without knowing it.


On the wildlife side we had the usual suspects during the past days, like this little wallaby with a beautiful face and a bird that was always stopping in his movement when we looked at him.



Beside that we had a strange animal; we have no idea what it might be. Running around during the night on our campsite, looks like a big rat.


Now we hope the rain will stop soon again and tomorrow we will head to Cairns, stock-up our supplies and start the long way to Cape York.