Steward Highway…

…or one of the most boring highways we have seen so far on this planet. At least on the first look or for most of the kilometres, this is the case. You can easily drive hundreds of kilometres without spotting anything interesting, but every now and then you find a nice place.

Like the Devil’s Marbles… Beautiful stone arrangements created by nature. According to the Aborigine mythology those are the eggs of the rainbow snake. The scientific explanation instead is less spectacular. Basically magma bubbles where the surrounding ground eroded away.

Whatever explanation you prefer, I think they look great!


Especially during sunset or sunrise, the light is just amazing.



And this one reminded me on the good old computer games times, Pac-man…


And suddenly, Australia gets green. The more you come to the North, the green it gets, and here at the Elsey NP it looks already like a rain forest.



But also on the wildlife side we were successful. We saw already some Dingo’s, but the were always so shy, simply because they are hunted, but finally we managed to catch one on a photo.


But also otherwise not too bad, I believe… Those little parrots are just beautiful in the sunlight.