Central Australia

Somehow it was not even on our agenda to visit Central Australia again, but we both thought always that we missed something in this area the last time, as we had not so much time during our first trip to Australia.

It basically started all with this gorge, close to Alice Springs. We visited it already last time and we always thought “there must be more”.


And yes, there is so much more, but also here, some of the things are not highlighted in a travel guide, like the Rainbow Valley. It is so amazing, we were told that the sky is blue during this time of the year, but it reality it is just great!



Other spots are rather famous, like the Palm Valley with the remaining palm population from good old times (>1 million years ago) when the centre of Australia was green.


Nice hiking opportunities also close to the Palm Valley with beautiful scenery.


Surprising where trees can grow.


Rare wildlife, sometimes not even that obvious, like those wild horses. Beautiful, they really look like horses from a Western movie.


And finally we managed to get a good shot of one of those Eagles. Typically they are really shy, but this time it was working out, after nearly two month. Been there, done that. 🙂


Was thinking to post some Aboriginal art already earlier, not that we have not seen some, but somehow it lost a lot on the photo, but this one was working well. Caterpillar, as it is not so obvious in my opinion.