Russia – Vladivostok

Vladivostok; end of the journey? In case you travel on the Trans-Siberian-Railroad, indeed this city at the Pacific Ocean is typically the end of the journey. For us it is “just” end of the first part of our trip. Still somehow an emotional moment and our first sightseeing round after preparing the car for shipment was somehow also rather disappointing. Guess we were simply not ready at that stage… 😉

As there was no need for some backup days on the shipping side, we had a chance of giving it another try, exploring Vladivostok by foot and this time it was not bad at all. Of course it is not the most beautiful Russian city we visited but it has kind of a special atmosphere, directly by the Pacific Ocean.

So without too much text, here some picture from our time in Vladivostok.

For us it is now time to move on, first flying to Hong Kong from here for some days and then New Zealand is waiting for us. Already excited on what is ahead of us, well and also looking forward to pick-up our dear Landcruiser in Vancouver early November. So stay tuned, it is not getting boring.