Kazakhstan – Charyn Canyon

Getting started in Kazakhstan; after an easy and fast border crossing in about thirty minutes, we made our way to the Charyn Canyon. Still a short stop on the way, sorting out the local car insurance, we made it in time for the afternoon nap, to be ready for the sunset. First thing we experienced was the climate change in Kazakhstan. Suddenly we faced temperatures beyond the 37 degrees Celsius, something we were not used to after the rather chilly weather on the high valley in Kyrgyzstan.

Unfortunately there was not too much shadow and also we had to get used to the amount of tourists around (as this is one of the touristic highlights in Kazakhstan). However we found a good spot close to the canyon rim…

…and after a break we were ready for a well deserved (as we found) sun-downer at the Charyn Canyon. What a place to be for the sunset and the later it got, the more we could enjoy the canyon for ourselves. 

But the sunset was only the start of a magic night. Saying magic and meaning it, without any other lights around, what a sky! So many pictures taken during the middle of the night and indeed it was very special out there. Absolutely enjoyable moments!

Waking up middle of the night for some pictures, worth it for sure, but the same applies for early morning wake-ups. Something we got used to in the Australian heat, however it helps also here. As a bonus you even get the Charyn Canyon for yourself in the early morning. 

So with the heat of the day coming up, it got time for us to move on, forward in direction Almaty. First of all to get some maintenance done again for the car (time for changing all oils and filters), but also time again for some laundry, again! 🙂