Kakadu NP

Famous Kakadu NP – somehow our expectations were decreasing already day by day, talking to the locals, who basically tell you that Kakadu is not a must see. Well, they are right, if you saw other places before, like Mary River, Kakadu really looses a lot. And if, like in our case, some areas are still closed, like Jim Jim Falls, than it nearly makes no sense at all spending time here. So from our perspective, Kakadu was rather a disappointment because it is so touristic. I would not recommend anybody going there; as there are so much nicer places around were you could easily spend your time.

However, there is not only shadow, but also some light. We also had good moments in this national park, beautiful Aborigine art sites and also some wildlife during the early morning on the Yellow River.




As stated already earlier, also the early morning on the Yellow River was nice, nearly let you forget that we paid a tourist price for this boat trip, nearly double the price as in Mary River, but well…

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Seems to be really a paradise for birds…

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