Girringun NP & Paluma Range NP

Heading back south from the cape, the rain hit us unfortunately again so there was not so much we could do. At least we know now why they call it “Wet Tropics World Heritage Area”.

Wallaman Falls in Girrigun NP are really beautiful, highest falls in Australia; still we were only able to enjoy them from the lookout.


We planned to do the base hike on the next day, as it was already a bit late, but during the night it started raining again and in the morning you could not even see the falls anymore because of the clouds. So we decided to have a breakfast in Ingham and also to buy a new rain tarp in the shop instead. 🙂

From there we headed to the Paluma Range NP, one of the wettest regions in Australia and what a surprise, sun was coming out and we had a nice walk at the Jourama Falls and the Murray Falls. What a nice day, with sunshine and a beautiful forest around us.

Bit further South, the weather was getting better and better with every kilometre and finally, at the Little Crystal Creek, it was really beautiful.


The rainforest here is fantastic, however if you want to see wildlife, it is really hard work to get to see something.


One of the highlights is this tiny little Carpet Python, appr. 40 centimetres long. Hard to believe that, if he is a lucky one, he could reach a length of about 3,50 metres. So good luck my little friend…


However, from a photographer’s perspective, rainforest is really a tough environment. Not being in the rainforest for the first time, it always is a challenge. First you need to spot something, what is difficult enough. If you have managed that you have nearly no light as it is typically really dark and to make it even more complex, lot of animals are active during the night only. On top of all this, you have the “nice” high humidity. So we are really happy with those sightings once again. 🙂





Sometimes even the smallest or the most colourful mushrooms catches your interest.



But every now and then you find also bigger animals, like this cute little Wallaby with a little one in the pouch. 🙂


And special regards to our local fruit dealer in Munich, there might be some special orders after our return. Amazing stuff you can get her… 🙂