Epupa Falls

We were here already during our first trip to Namibia, about 12 years ago. A lot has changed since then, the road is now much better and nowadays the road next to the Cunene river (D3700) is also newly build and not a 4×4 track anymore. But the Epupa Falls still look the same, even though there is now more infrastructure around, like couple of lodges and also mobile network exists.



It is still a great place for camping and enjoying the view of the Cunene river and the Angola side in front of you.


Shaded by palm trees.


What can be better than enjoying the sunset at a place like this? After the days in the desert this feels like coming to an oasis.


And also the next morning wakes up very promising.



Beside the nice environment, you can also enjoy some wildlife, sitting by the river and just watching what is passing by.

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For sure the right place to relax for two days. Something we usually don’t do, but here it is really nice and the prefect place for just hanging around a bit.