Vanuatu – Lokalangia Village, Tanna Island

The flight to Vanuatu was the first civilisation shock for us after the time in Australia, somehow the airport in Sydney was crowded and it was so hectic, hard to handle after nearly six months which we mainly spent outside in the bush. πŸ™‚

But what kind of a civilisation shock must it be for the people in Lokalangia Village when the tourists are coming to visit them every couple of days?! They decided to continue following their traditions, like hundreds of years ago. Very interesting for us, but on the other hand also with mixed feelings. Somehow strange, you visit foreign people and have a look how they are living.




On the other hand also a good opportunity to get some nice portrait shots, something I’m really bad in, but Karin can handle this much better. πŸ™‚

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These two gentlemen looked really charismatic, not sure about their position in the village, but they looked rather senior, so one of the might be the village chief, or another important person. On the other hand, many men here look very charismatic, so who knows…



Talking to the people was a bit taking our concerns away, one of the women just said, β€œwe all have the same blood”. But still, it was interesting, it was a nice experience, still not sure if I would do it again. Still having mixed feelings and for us it got really strange when they started dancing.


This is something they usually only do at special occasions to celebrate very special events. I asked them when they normally do it and the answer was β€œNowadays only for tourists”. Makes you feeling sad somehow… πŸ™

Looks like they are somehow stuck between the worlds, on one hand they want to live outside the civilisation on the other hand they cannot avoid it fully. Very tricky, but as said also very interesting.