USA/California – Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Heading into the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park we were not absolutely convinced if it is worth going there, and the first miles it looked more like an open air mine than a beautiful desert landscape, but that changed quickly. 

Nice and warm (25 degrees Celsius) spring temperatures after a bit of rain and the first flowers were out already. 

But more interesting to us where the slot canyons, so after a stop at the visitor centre our program was filled with hikes for a couple of days in various areas of the park.

The Slot

First stop on the first day, The Slot. And what to say, a beautiful short hike through a slot canyon. There is an easy but longer exit, but the canyon was so nice that we decided to hike the same way back again.

Fonts Point

Next stop and our place for the night, Fonts Point. Usually most of the viewpoints do not necessarily deserve this name, but this one is different. What a view in the evening light across the badlands below.

Palm Wash Slot

Not yet sick and tired of slot canyons, well here you go. Next ones up, well actually two canyons, but you can combine them nice to a longer hike and enjoy both. So we hope you will enjoy..

Wind Caves

One more place we were recommended to visit at the ranger station, Wind Caves. Actually not too often visited, as they are a bit off, we already liked the way to get there.

And the caves are beautiful, especially during the morning or the evening in the warm desert light.

And so much more…

It is really amazing how much you can see in this State Park, amazing canyons, great desert landscapes, but also bit of culture, like these rock paintings created by the native Americans couple of hundred years ago.

And the desert landscape is stunning, so if you like deserts, don’t miss out on the Anza-Borrego, but plan some time for it and a high-clearance vehicle would also be a good choice. 😉

Well and in the end we found something else to do during a “boring” camp afternoon with a fresh brewed coffee. Already wondering a couple of days if our batteries are going to die and then we found it today; seems vibrations are killing everything. It’s just the question when. 🙁

Fortunately should not be to tricky to get a new cable here in the US, but you never know. So we are going to get this fixed tomorrow, while heading towards Arizona. So more desert landscapes and canyons to come. 🙂