Thanks, Australia!

Back in Germany again, no new pictures anymore for the moment, but a lot of work to get all the pictures ready and selected. However, a good point in time to say thanks, Australia!

Thanks for…

  • … a fantastic time in down under!
  • … all the great people we met on this trip!
  • … all the nice camp fire talks in the evenings!
  • … all the dinner invitations!
  • … all the offers for a warm bed!
  • … all the great recommendations for places to visit!

… and many things more! For sure a time we will not forget.


Just some numbers to complete this is the end. During this 6,5 months trip we…

  • … took 14.500 pictures.
  • … app. 120 minutes of video material.
  • … were driving app. 32.000 kilometers.
  • … and consumed app. 5.100 liters of Diesel. 🙁
  • … had two times a flat tyre.
  • … had to dig out our car once. 😉