Lady Elliot Island – Breakfast with Mantas

During the past months we heart every now and then about a place called Lady Elliot Island and how beautiful it should be out there, approximately 80 kilometres of the coast, in the middle of the ocean. So we decided we need to go and have a closer look for a couple of days. As it is so far of, the fun starts with a nice flight in a tiny little plane.


And already when reaching the island, it looks promising from the air.


On the other hand we started wondering what to do during the 5 booked days on such a small island. Well, it was not boring at all… 🙂 Diving out here is just amazing, so much life out in the ocean. Especially two dives made me really speechless, never expected to see so many Manta Rays at the same time (on one dive we had about 20). It was so hard to decide where to look too. 🙂


Blog-43-11 Blog-43-13

Still need to work with the video material, looks very promising, but needs some time. 🙂 I even got a nice making-off picture from one of the guides; thanks for that Mickey!


But also beside the amazing Mantas, the sea life out there around the island is fantastic.



Blog-43-2 Blog-43-9

Hardly see so big schools of fish before anywhere…

Blog-43-5 Blog-43-8

And the wreck of a sailboat was also nice, lots of fish around.


Above the surface there was not too much life at the moment, just some birds left from the last nesting season, but on the other hand it helped to sleep. They even provide earplugs, because it is so noise during the nesting season, so that you can’t sleep otherwise. 🙂

Blog-43-16 Blog-43-17

Surprisingly we were so busy on this little Island, that it took us till the last evening to take the short walk and have a look for the sunset. Nice one, especially with a cold beer, sitting on the beach and just watching out to the sea…


So well worth a visit, one of the best places to see Manta Rays, even the conditions are not always easy. But also showing the limits in underwater photography, guess I need to think about some upgrades now again. 🙂