Finland – A start of a trip slightly different than expected

Finland, a long way to the North from Munich, first 850 kilometres from Munich to Travemünde and than a 29 hour ferry ride to Helsinki, so not just around the corner. Having said that, we must admit that the ferry cruise was not as bad as expected, rather comfortable with some drinks and a cabin larger as expected, so we managed to survive the cruise while having very nice weather conditions.

When arriving at Helsinki harbour, we thought that the worst would be behind us, but unfortunately our friends got some mechanical issues with their Volkswagen T3 bus, allowing us a questionable insight into an engine.

On the other hand, we got a really great service at the Volkswagen garage in Helsinki. They where able to get all the parts organised and all fixed within a couple of hours, so we could enjoy at least the first evening by the first Finish lake.

Unfortunately we got bad weather during the night, so no photos from the day after, but later during the week, we had wonderful hikes in Repovesi- and Valkmusa National Park as well as to a rock painting place.

Well, and also first drone shots look promising, still a lot of practice needed, but do hope to get to the right level of experience within the next days.

Now looking forward to continue the trip to the North-east of Finland, up to the Karelian region and from there? We will see, mainly depending on the snow and overall weather conditions. We will try to write more on the destinations in the next one, but for now this is it.

Hope you enjoyed it…