Russia – 2.000 kilometers direction East to Khabarovsk

Leaving Chita in direction East means you have to follow a tar road through endless forests for about 2.000 kilometres till you end up in Khabarovsk in the Far East of Russia. 

Hard to imagine for us Europeans what that really means, but honestly there is not much more than petrol stations, couple of smaller villages and from time to time a mid-sized city. Well, okay, there is also a lot of amazing landscape, mainly forest when you follow the Trans-Siberia-Highway…

…and then when you leave Siberia and get into the Far East of Russia, getting closer to the Amur River, you find a lot of swamps and flooded areas. Beautiful as well, on a day like this, when the sun is shining.

Getting closer to Khabarovsk you also see the negative side of the huge Amur River and the water amounts. We did not take any pictures, but we also saw a couple of houses flooded till the top of the roof. 🙁

In Khabarovsk we took a break for two nights from travelling, not so much because we were necessarily interested in the city, but more because we still have some time and do not want to be in Vladivostok too early. 

Still a good place for a stop and a day of sightseeing. Kind of a more traditional Soviet style city, we would say, but when you are in the region, why not exploring it a bit as there are definitely some nice areas to see.

Also here you find plenty of street art pieces and sculptures, like in the other Russian cities we visited so far.

In the evening even with a nice little light-show at the park. Guess this will end soon for the season as autumn has already started, so we were lucky ones again.

Of course also a good spot to enjoy a couple of good restaurants prior heading out into the forest and towards Vladivostok again. Must admit we had even one of the best burgers ever here in Khabarovsk.

From here it is now really time for us to head direction South, Vladivostok is waiting for us. So stay tuned if we still find some interesting spots on the way, otherwise you can enjoy us being nervous while squeezing a Landcruiser into a container for shipping. In any way, it might get entertaining. 🙂