Offroad training in Langenaltheim

Just finished with the car build and planning for a long trip, it surely does not harm testing the car under controlled conditions. Therefore we decided to take the opportunity and join for a 2-days course in Langenaltheim, Karin as a driver and me as an additional pair of eyes outside the car to give guidance. Different as usual, but a good opportunity for us to practice for the adventure to come.

Interesting to see that with the right tires, you do not even need a diff-locker getting up the hill. Most other cars with AT tires needed a locker to make it.
Proud and highly concentrated driver. 🙂 Unfortunately the mud on the first day made it all a bit tricky, but good to practice.
Well, people say that a HZJ78 is not flexing too well, might be correct, but on the other hand, this was the best flexing car during the day. 🙂

Overall a very good experience and a lot we learned, on one hand how to drive and how to manage critical sections but also on the other hand how to guide the driver from the outside in the best possible way. Surely very individual things, but it ones again showed that we build the car for us in the ideal way as it fulfils all our needs and surely will not be the limiting factor while 4-wheeling.