Making of – Converting a HZJ 78 into a camper (Part 3)

Using the beautiful winter weather for some updated photos of our HZJ78, but also to visit Desert-tec again and get some final checks done on our car, so that we are ready as soon as we are done with all the remaining preparations.

Rotating tires after the first 15.000km’s and checking all the oils, all much easier in a proper workshop. 😉

Not a proper room tour, but finally some photos of the final version of our car, outside and inside. What a cozy living space for the time to come…

Including the mounted rear-box, extending our storage space for the “not so often used stuff” and our additional water tanks. After the last trip we added additional 50 liters, so now we are carrying nearly 100l of drinking water.
Additional LED lights added, replacing our old version, now we are able to see even during the darkest nights what’s going on.
…and if all goes wrong and the weather remains bad for a couple of days, we are also prepared to cook inside, even though this is the worst case solution only as we normally cook outside.
Leading to the next emergency solution, in case all goes wrong. Carrying a toilet with us, just in case.
Bit of an overview of the interior, also showing the most important part, our outside shower. Wonderful having the ability to take a shower every now and then, especially after some long days in hot and humid areas. 🙂