Krka NP & Vransko Jezero NP, Croatia

Arriving at our campsite in Skradin, we got a warm welcome by a nicely positioned cat in the evening light.


The next morning, another one, of the rare sunny days this September, we visited the Krka NP in Southern Croatia. Starting from Skradin by boat in the morning, it took us about 20 minutes to get there.


Heavily crowded place, it even seems that they are “limiting” the entrance tickets to 10.000 per day. Highly advisable to take the early morning boat, to avoid the masses and queues, otherwise you might only see other people, but nothing else. Unfortunately even then it is heavily crowded and we all wondered how and if they are really able to protect the national park and the nature in it.

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But when there is some shadow, there must be also light. Visiting the Vransko Jezero NP, close to Murter another day, shows a completely different picture. Nearly no other people, but therefore plenty of nature.

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Sometimes they give you a hard time, getting a shot, but still it works out one way or the other like with the lizard on this one.


And sometimes you “just” need to be patient long enough, lay on the ground and just wait for the right moment, 30+ minutes later. 🙂

Blog-3-Krka-9 Blog-3-Krka-10 Blog-3-Krka-11 Blog-3-Krka-12

All of the above are none-venomous Dice Snakes (Natrix tessellata), but therefore plenty of them at this place.

So we had a well deserved sun-downer on this last sunny evening in Croatia, now back at home, followed by the rain all the way through Slovenia and Austria till Munich.