Finally, some wildlife…

…and more. We started already wondering what happened to the nature, as we hardly saw any wildlife, but finally it changed. J Traces of humans disappeared step by step and nature took on the role it was foreseen for.

It is so nice if you wake up in the morning on the beach, go for a first walk and enjoy the scenery around you.


Diving in Bremer Bay is another example, have to say it was really shaky every now and then, but one of the best dives I ever had and for sure the longest one so far with 1:15 hours. And all that to see the beautiful Sea dragons.


But what happens if you go for a hike down to the beach and take only the wide angle lens with you? Exactly this happens… We found a beautiful (but poisonous) snake, catching a lizard. She was so focused on that, not taking any note of us, but with the wide angle you just don’t get closer than this, what is already too close, but well.


Here some more photos without further words, to show you how tough life is out here in the bush.  🙂