Etosha National Park – Around Okaukuejo

Coming from the Western section of the national park to Okaukuejo is a bit of a shock. First of all there are too many people but it is also much trier already in the beginning of June than it should be. Good for us, as it forces the animals to come to the waterholes, but bad for them, as the next rain might not come before early November, so a couple of months to go still.

But as said, good for us, plenty of wildlife by the water or even in the water.


Of course again a lot of elephants in all sizes.

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Also away from the water you can find something. Finally we managed to find a Hyena next to the track, even in the nice evening light. We were already wondering for a couple of years if we are too blind to find them. Whenever you see a documentary, they are everywhere, but we hardly ever managed to find one, and if so, the light was bad, or the Hyena too shy.

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So we thought the day is over, but somehow it became nearly unreal. By the waterhole at the campsite we had at peak times six Black Rhinos at the same time, bathing, drinking and socializing. Having one or two, great, but six, nearly unbelievable. Beside the Rhinos also a lot of other animals showed up during the darkness, so really a great end for a visit at the Etosha National Park.


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Sometimes we get asked how close we get to the animals, well I can tell you how a rhino poop smells. And it is not a pleasure. 🙂