Cape Leveque

Just after submitting the last blog post, Karin turned around in her camping chair and found a little Python behind her. With a length of maximum 50 centimetres the little one was really a baby, just some days old, I would say. Not 100% sure, but we believe it is a little Woma Python.


Now we are at Cape Leveque, North of Broome. Famous place when it comes to the red cliffs directly on the sea. During the day it looks nice, but when you get here in the evening, shortly before sunset, the colours of the cliffs on the West side are just amazing.





But after half an hour everything is over again. The sun disappears fast here. Just back on the campsite, we found another guest for the evening. Unfortunately we forgot the name of this huge (appr. 25 centimetres) insect again.


Really a nice place here on the coast. Not so many animals up here, but if you find something, the animals are not so shy as in other places, like this one here.


With that we close it for today, looking forward now for the Gibb-River-Road and some serious 4WD driving.